About Qimova

Outstanding seating and posture support to suit individual needs and requirements

We are proud to be a family owned Danish company, who have been manufacturing, designing and developing comfort and corrective posture management wheelchairs to the highest standards for the last 15 years.

We believe in “Comfort without Compromise”. We feel strongly that you need to be sitting correctly, in order for you to be comfortable. Only then can we work with you to enhance your posture and support.

Every day we work closely with therapists, customers and specialists to ensure the best solutions for our clients, to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

People are our focus

Working with people means focusing on each individual’s needs and requirements. Our business is built upon this working principle. People are not all alike, and we see no reason why a wheelchair should be any different. Our technical knowledge and production process supports one overriding goal: offering a wheelchair purposely built and designed for the individual user.

Many choices

Qimova manufactures standard and bespoke wheelchairs, designed to give our clients unparalleled comfort and relief.

With a unique modular and flexible system, the chair is built to suit each individual. Using an extensive series of accessories there is a chair to suit everyone, from elegant manual wheelchairs to fully powered motorized wheelchairs.

We have a library of more than 5000 components available to us in the construction of our wheelchairs, and this number grows on a daily basis. This makes it possible to build a wheelchair customized to an individual’s needs, and then adjust it or add specially developed components as a client’s needs change over time.

Our wheelchairs include features to ease common problems for clients such as pressure sores and edema in legs and feet, in addition to providing excellent seating comfort.

We continually invest in research and development to stay ahead and ensure our wheelchairs provide the best solutions for our clients, incorporating the latest technology available on the market today.

Highest build Quality

Qimova wheelchairs are extraordinarily durable and the robust metal construction ensures they will last for many years to come.

Each component undergoes a stringent quality testing procedure, to ensure it meets all relevant ISO and EN standards for power and manual wheelchairs.

All Qimova wheelchairs have been crash-tested to meet the official ISO 7176-19 requirements.