The management team

Qimova behind the scenes

Henrik Grauslund, Managing Director

Henrik Grauslund has been in the wheelchair business since he founded DanAid, the forerunner for Qimova, in 1992. As an engineer, holding a masters degree in Civil engineering & Applied Mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark, Henrik startet out his carreer as first assistant professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. After returning to Denmark, he joined Simcorp as a software developper, and it was only after six years with complex financial algorithms, Henrik got startet at mechanics. A field he's been endulged in ever since.

Henrik still loves complex systems, however. A passion that underlies nearly everything in the Qimova wheelchairs. From the construction of the chairs to the business models guiding subcontractors around the world.

Privately Henrik is married to Tine and has three kids, Rune, Camilla and Annemarie.

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Ashley Griffiths, UK sales director

Ashley Griffiths has been heading Qimova UK ltd., the British arm of Qimova, since early 2014. However Ashley has been in the mobility healthcare business for most of his carreer - over 25 years. He knows the frustrations that can meet users, dealers and therapists alike. And he knows how to best to keep everybody happy. Namely by supplying excellent products and excellent support.

The story of Ashley and Qimova streches back several years, however. In his previous jobs, Ashley has been employed with companies who dealt with Qimova, and that way he became acustomed with the bespoke wheelchairs. And, he says, fell in love with them.

Ashley lives near and works out of the Qimova UK headquarters at Worchestershire.


Søren Grauslund, IT manager

Søren Grauslund is a business savvy, technological wizzkid. Since the mid 90'es, when Søren graduated with a masters degree in Economics and Public Administration, Søren has been building web solutions for large Danish organisations and businesses such as the Danish Parliament, the Danish Stock Exchange and ISS. In 2006 Søren joined his brother Henrik in Qimova and today Søren has the responsibility for the complex IT-solutions that keeps Qimova runnning. Also, Søren is chairman of the board at Qimova.

Privately Søren is great fan of the american author Kurt Vonnegut and the singer-song writer Bob Dylan and prides himself of recently having taken the course "A beginners guide to irrational behavior" at Duke University.

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René Partved, Value stream manager

Building wheelchairs requires perfection. Everything has to be in place, produced, assembled, tested, doubled-tested and documented. These are the processes René Partved is in charge of.

Rene, who started out as an auto mechanic, is a true craftsman, dedicated to the details. The one who assures Qimova chairs will allways work.