Build and design your own comfort chair

Outstanding seating and posture support to suit individual needs and requirements

The Qimova Comfort Wheelchairs combines outstanding seating and posture support with the flexibility to suit individual needs, in a single attractive design. This gives the user a matchless degree of comfort and relief, whilst sitting correctly.

All Qimova Comfort Wheelchairs are based on a modular concept. The core part of all our chairs is extremely configurable and it is easy to change and adjust even a highly specialised chair, to make it suitable for any user. From elegant manual chairs to fully powered indoor/outdoor driven wheelchairs.

All our chairs include features to ease common problems for wheelchair users such as pressure sores and oedema in legs and feet, in addition to simply providing excellent seating comfort and corrective posture support for the user.

Comfort without Compromise

Our Company philosophy is “Comfort without Compromise”. Each wheelchair user has their own unique and individual needs, and this is why we design and develop wheelchairs that never compromise with comfort and flexibility to suit every users current and future needs.


A wheelchair is not just 4 wheels, but an extension of a person and a means to enhance every user’s lifestyle. We are all evolving which is why our range of wheelchairs are designed to evolve with our users, through the wide ranging built in adjustments and functionality of each chair.

Product range

Two key features define our product range: Size and Operation. Many variations exist within our size categories, but as an initial guide the 4 major sizes are Adult, Bariatric, Junior and a new Paediatric size for very young children. All sizes are available as manually operated or power driven chairs. Read more of the product range here

In terms of wheelchair operation, variations can be more complex but include different ways of driving the chairs, differences in the set up of the drive wheels, and different ways to make seating adjustments. See our accessories here 

Highest build Quality

Qimova wheelchairs are extraordinarily durable and reliable. The metal construction and our quality build process ensures they will change and adapt to the user for many years to come. Each individual component undergoes stringent  quality testing procedure, to ensure it meets all relevant ISO and EN standards for power and manual wheelchairs. All our wheelchairs have been crash-tested and passed the official ISO 7176-19 requirements.

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The Seating system

All Qimova Comfort Wheelchairs benefit from an excellent seating system which enables the user to stay comfortable in the chair for as many hours as required, due to our pressure relief zone.

The seating system

The Base system

In addition to unrivalled comfort, All Qimova wheelchairs offer a unique choice: a manual or powered base that can be adjusted in width and depth and is independent of the seating system.
The base system

The Tilt and Recline system

All Qimova wheelchairs tilt in space at the touch of a button. This feature allows the user, or carer, to change the users sitting position easily, relieving pressure points and minimizing the risk of developing pressure ulcers.
The Tilt and Recline system

Investing in research - The Puma Project

We invest in research to secure that we are ahead and can support you with new technology and all the best solutions.
The Puma System

Investing in research - The LiveRest Project

The Puma prototype going into a commercially-ready system.
The LiveRest System