The LiveRest System

Pressure Ulcer Measurement and Actuation

Picture of prototype on Qimova chair



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and under grant agreement No696939 

The overall objective of QIMOVA with this business innovation project is to convert PUMA prototype in a commercially-ready system and to introduce this intelligent control system (Figure 3) for PU prevention, i-LiveRest, in the European Assistive Technologies (AT) market. We expect to reach a leading position in this market by providing a unique selling point: Real time monitoring of PU risk based on Tissue Viability (TV) and intelligent trigger of PU prevention strategies adapted to user and context.

We expect with this new product  increase sales by 900% in 6 countries where we currently have distributors, to enter in at least 80% of European countries and to reach Japanese and USA markets, where this solution will have high acceptance due to higher penetration of innovative AT.

This project is the continuation of Previous FP7 PUMA project (FP7 Research for the benefit of SMEs, 2012 under Grant Agreement No 315114). Project full title: Development of a non-invasive and portable tissue viability measurement and Intelligent actuation system for the prevention and early detection of Pressure Ulcer risk at Tetraplegic SCI users.

PUMA project, coordinated by QIMOVA,  aimed to develop a novel portable and non-invasive system to prevent and early detect the risk of PU and to revert its onset, based on the control and improvement of tissue viability. Based on Real-time PU risk assessment, a combination of dynamic repositioning systems and Functional Electrical Stimulation were optimally integrated, preserving tissue viability as well as increasing the resistance to PU development.