Meet some of our wheelchair users.

Outstanding seating and posture support to suit individual needs and requirements

We believe in a real commitment and a close relationship with our customers. We listen carefully to our customers, to use their feedback and suggestions to continually develop and improve our products. This helps us to understand our users’ different needs and requirements, allowing us to specialise in individual solutions for the end user.

We know only too well that technology alone doesn’t solve everything. If you don’t know and truly understand the problems you want to solve, you’ll never find the right solutions.

Knowing and understanding peoples’ needs is something you can only do by engaging with the people you want to help. Which is what we do in all our daily work with wheelchairs and their users.

Meet our wheelchair users

Basic configuration of Qimova Comfort wheelchair

Mr. A

“It is like being upgraded from economy to business Class!” Mr. A

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Basic configuration of Qimova Comfort wheelchair

Mrs Brown

My life with my Qimova wheelchair

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Basic configuration of Qimova Comfort wheelchair

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